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The Whole Truth

“Do we have to go out to eat?” Jason asked his friend Craig. “Well, you refuse to cook. And I am tired from working hard all day,” Craig said. “Yeah well, I’m not going to cook for you and have food ready when you come home. I’m not your fucking maid.” Jason said. ‘No, you’re my wife.” Craig said trying to hide a laugh. “Not by choice. I am going to punch those agents if I ever meet one of them again. This witness protection is bullshit. Our lives suck!” Jason complained. “I don’t know. It ain’t that bad. We got a nice house.” Craig said. “You’re not the one with knockers the size of melons. And you still got a dick!” Jason argued. “Yeah well, bitching about it won’t change it! You’re stuck as a chick. And you’re stuck married to me. We did sign a contract not to change anything about our cover life. And you’re already walking the line when you quit your job.” Craig explained. “As a stripper! I wouldn’t be complaining if I had a job in a factory, like you!” Jason said. “My job ain’t as easy as you might think. And since you have no income I have to work overtime so we can afford this place! Meanwhile, you do nothing but complain. You don’t work. You don’t clean the house. And you don’t cook. If you start doing any of those things you can choose what we eat. Until then I say we go out.” Craig explained.


“Please, everybody will look at me like…” Jason started to say until Craig finished his sentence. “A stripper? That’s because you are one! The agents did a good job creating our new lives. They even gave you social media presence where you show off your skills! You’re a stripper and my wife. I don’t like it either. We’ve been best friends for years. Climbed the ranks at the mob together. And now we are stuck like this. But those are the lives those damn agents gave us. We have to accept it. And I have tried to give you enough space and time for you to do that.” Craig said. Jason knew he couldn’t get his friend to understand how hard this was for him. Not without telling him the whole truth. The procedure the agents used to turn him into his new identity did not only change his physical body. It also changed his sexual orientation. And Jason had tried his best to ignore his new lust for men. Especially for Craig. But it was getting harder. And Jason was wondering if he could get Craig to agree to stay in for the night if he would start to make out with him.

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