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One of the Girls

I walked down to the beach and spotted Carrie and her friends on a blanket. I walked up to them and dramatically threw off my beach cover to show off my huge boobs and delicious butt in a tight swimsuit and the group of girls erupted into applause. I had originally intended to fly down to the beach with Carrie and her friends and then hook up with a few of my friends that were staying in town for senior week and fly back with them. Of course, me being terrible with flying, decided to take some pills to help me sleep. Unbeknownst to me, I had accidentally taken one of the girls’ Body Boost pills. The pills did end up putting me to sleep on the plane but imagine my surprise when I woke up with a gorgeous female body.

Needless to say, I was a wreck. I was convinced that my senior-week trip had been ruined and was completely prepared to stay locked in my hotel room until the pills had worn off. My sister was too nice to let that happen though. Carrie stayed with me and talked me through everything that I was feeling. She helped me feel better about the situation and helped me to see it as a positive. I was still at the beach, it was still senior week. Sure I would be spending it AS one of the bikini-clad girls instead of checking them out but still, I couldn’t pout all week. After the girls went down to the beach, I spent the morning preparing both mentally and physically. I put on a little makeup, and some sunscreen and shimmied my way into a cute bikini.

“Wooooo!” One of Carrie’s friends called out. “Look at that hot mama!” “Damn girl! Back that cake up!” Another one called. Carrie smiled at me from her blanket as the girls continued to encourage me. It was strange how nice it felt to be able to spend time at the beach as one of the girls.

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