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New Client

The teenage girl sat in her car, watching the scene, totally mesmerized. This was always one of her – his most favorite parts of this ‘job’. The moment when his unwilling and unknowing client realized, what was going on. Ever since Jim found out that he had a genetic anomaly that let him exchange minds with another person through skin contact, he made use of his gift to make the world a better place. By exerting punishment on those, who deserve it. At least from his perspective. This time his client – Jim didn’t want to call his targets victims – was the teenage daughter of a very wealthy business manager. A spoiled, stuck-up brat.

He was just in another body, a young guy when he met Sabrina and immediately figured out her character. So as with all his ‘jobs’, he followed her for a few days in order to get at least a rudimentary knowledge of his client. Finally, he exchanged minds with an old homeless guy and waited for Sabrina to arrive in front of her daddy’s office building. And only a few short minutes later police officers were dragging a screaming Sabrina in the guy’s body away, leaving Jim inside her expensive car and in Sabrina’s young body. “So… let’s see if a few days in prison and living on the street can have a positive effect on the girl’s attitude and behavior”, he chuckled and turned around, “And now for my next step, I need to find out, if Sabrina got her manners from her father. If so, then I’ll be happy to swap with him and donate a large portion of his money to charity, while also making sure that he gets a reeducation as long as he’s in his daughter’s form. But if Sabrina is just a natural stuck-up brat, then I’m going to turn her life around and make sure, that she doesn’t get any money from her father, once I put her back into her own form. Oh yes… l really love my ‘job’!”

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