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Into A Photoshoot

When Curtis came to, he was confused. He had been sitting in his room when all of a sudden he blacked out. And now it seemed that he was standing in front of some room and he was feeling very strange. He looked down at himself and shrieked. “Oh my God! Are… are these….?” he gasped as he brought his hands to his chest. Only to confirm, that the big breasts he was seeing were really there and that they were really attached to him. Before he could take a closer look and feel, he suddenly noticed, that he wasn’t alone. There was one guy standing right in front of him, who had a big camera in his hands. Next to him was a guy holding a bright light and another one holding some sort of silver umbrella. The man with the camera spoke up, “Great work, Jillian. I love the look on your face.” “But… but Curtis stammered, his hands still clutching his breasts. “Yeah, baby, keep it up. The combination of shock and confusion on your face is priceless. “But… but I shouldn’t have… these”, Curtis exclaimed, while hefting his breasts and pushing them together: “Ohhh… l like the idea”, the photographer said, “Kinda like in those ‘Freaky Friday’ movies. You’re pretending to be a little girl, who somehow got swapped with her big sister. Great idea!” “I’m not a little girl!”, Curtis almost screamed, “I’m a boy. A teenage boy!”

“Uhm… okay… A bit weird, but I think we can work with that too”, the man continued to take photos. Suddenly another came up from behind and whispered something into the photographer’s ear. After some quiet discussion, the photographer turned towards Curtis again and asked in a shy voice, “Is that you, Jillian? Or are you really a teenage boy in her body?” “I’m telling the truth!”, Curtis said with a hint of relief in his voice, «I was sitting in my room… Uhm… looking at some pictures on the internet and from moment to the next I was suddenly here, looking like this.” “Have you been doing more than just… looking at these pictures? “, the photographer asked, “Because apparently there’s this big story on the news. About a global phenomenon called the ‘FOSE’. The ‘Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event’.” Curtis blushed as he looked down at himself once again. When he had managed to get into his big brother’s computer and found his collection of certain websites, he had wished to get closer to one of these sexy models. But now he was much too close for his taste.

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