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Completing The Loop

She wore a black dress the first time I saw her. I was drowning my failures at the hotel bar when I saw her staring at me from across the room. She was gorgeous and we connected immediately. I told her all about my issues with the Board and trying to obtain more gif funding. How they were pressing me for results and I couldn’t deliver. Who would have thought time travel would have been such a tough nut to crack. But she was patient and listened to me go on and on. We ended up back at my place and when I woke up, I found her gone and that she had left an equation on my bedside table. An equation that would change my life. I checked and triple checked my math when I got back to my lab and my mystery woman’s equation fit perfectly into my formulas.


I had done it; time travel. It felt like I was high or drunk. I stepped into my machine and powered it up and set a course for the past; 1997, when my uncle gave me my first science kit on my fourth birthday. The machine buzzed and hummed and I blacked out. When I came too, immediately I knew something was wrong. Something was horribly wrong. I was no longer in my body, nor was I any longer… me. Somehow I found myself in the body of a four year old girl. Worse still was that I was completely and utterly trapped. I had no way of reversing my experiment.


Over time, I suppose I got used to being Rebecca Halsey. I grew up just like the other girls my age and matured the same way as well. I played sports in high school and got into a good college. Eventually I came to realize that it was getting hard to remember my old life. Until tonight. I was supposed to meet some girlfriends for drinks but the plans fell through. I was so excited to show off my sexy new dress and was sitting in the restaurant of the hotel where we were supposed to meet…

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