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Too Dumb

As Professor Smith was leaving her class, she spotted Lewis and pulled him aside for a chat. “You need to put more effort in young man,” she said handing him back his latest paper, “If these grades continue I’ll have to fail you?” “Relax Professor!” Lewis mocked. “I don’t actually care about your class. I’m just here to hang with my friends. My dad got me a job at his company. I’ll probably be making twice your salary each month!” The professor was a calm person by nature, but Lewis made her blood boil. He never worked, tried to cheat on every exam, and constantly disrupted her lectures. Somehow the thought that this idiot would end up richer than her was the last straw. She reached into her bag and pulled out her wand. A couple of choice words later and the world faded to white as reality re-wrote itself…

“What the actual fuck!” Lewis said as her vision cleared and she looked down at herself. “What did you do to me? Why do I have tits!” The professor smiled, as Lewis was staring at her massive boobs in wonder. She’d turned out perfect… “So Louise,” she continued, “Since you don’t care about education I thought I’d give you a body and life to match. You’ll be pleased to know in this new reality you don’t go to university anymore. You’re far too dumb for that.” As she spoke she could see the girl panicking, her barbie-doll face turning bright red. “Oh, and that job is gone too. Your new parents aren’t rich, so I think the only thing you’ll be working at is how to suck enough cock to make rent! Anyway, looking like that I’m sure you’ll have no problems… Now, I’d better get back to my real students…”

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