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In The Backseat

Paul stood in front of the mirror and tugged at the tap of the dress he was currently wearing. And in a whiney voice, he asked, “Do I really have to wear this?” His neighbor and classmate Chelsea rolled her eyes and sighed, “Yes, you have to wear this! I picked this dress out myself and it fits perfectly.” “But….”, Paul continued in an uneasy voice, “It’s so revealing. I don’t like being dressed like this.” “That’s your own fault”, Chelsea snapped at him, “You should have thought about that before you stole my body!” “I didn’t steal your body!” Paul exclaimed as he turned around. But there was nobody standing there. But then he heard Chelsea clearing her throat behind him and she said, “You idiot. Did you forget that you can only see me in reflective surfaces?” “Oh right'”, Paul blushed and turned around. Where he saw Chelsea once again in the mirror. And he said, “I really didn’t want to steal your body. I just tried out this magic spell. I didn’t even think that it would work. And I certainly didn’t want to take over your body!” “Well… but you did”, Chelsea groaned, “And until we can find a way to reverse your stupid spell we have to try to make the most of it. Which means that we have to share this body. Only that you are in control, while I’m trapped in the backseat. Able to see, feel and hear, but unable to do anything!” “I know, I know”, Paul slouched his shoulders, “But… do we really need to wear this dress to the prom?” “Yes, we absolutely have to. Because we look super hot in it”, Chelsea replied with a gleam in her eyes, “And we’re easily going to become prom queen!” “Yay”, Paul said in a less than enthusiastic voice, “That’s exactly what I always wanted to be!”

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