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Terence had no idea what he was going to do with his life. All he knew was that he wanted to do something different now. He was no longer a 68-year-old professor. He was a 19-year-old student. For years he had been the smartest man in the room. Now he wanted to just enjoy his life. Terence could not help but smile as he started to undress Lisa’s body inside of her apartment. It was even more beautiful than he imagined. Years of planning had paid off perfectly. His invention of the mind-reading theory five years ago. The creation of the prototype for the past four. Getting Lisa to join the experiment and agree to try the mind-reading device with him. The precise calculations that were needed to cause the mind swap while leaving him unharmed inside Lisa’s body. While his old brain would be destroyed by it. It had all worked perfectly. He had even perfectly predicted how the dean would react to the bodyswap. Terence admitted to him who he was. And he could easily prove it. But he convinced him that it was all an accident. He broke down in tears as he explained the miscalculation he had made and the dean believed every word. In the end, he made the suggestion that out of the fear of legal consequences and public backlash against the college the experiment would be kept a secret. The device and all evidence of it would be destroyed. It would be Terence that had died in his old body. And he would resume the life of Lisa.


Terence played his part and protested at first. He tried to explain how he could not possibly live the life of a young woman. How he could not be a student again. It all worked perfectly. The dean offered him all of the support he and the university could give him in this difficult time. He even promised that he would find a way for Terence to get paid by the university so he would not have to worry about money for some time. Now looking at his new body in the mirror Terence wondered if he should try and get into acting. He enjoyed the act he put up around the dean. It seemed like he was good at it. He also quite liked the idea of having a job where people could see and admire his sexy body.

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