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Kyle hadn’t done something smart. He’d seen an ad on the internet that talked about an app called “SlutSnap,” which promised he’d have a hot, horny girl in his room within the next half an hour. Unfortunately, Kyle was a very ingenious person and since he had no girlfriend for a long time, he installed the app on his smartphone.

When he opened it, it looked like the normal SnapChat. He was disappointed at first but then wiped through the app to find the hot girls that he could meet. When he tried out the filter function, he felt weird. His body began to change. He got a little smaller instead his hair grew longer until it reached his waist. His entire body hair disappeared and his body forms became more feminine. His face became that of a gorgeous girl, and on his chest grew two big boobs as his butt became fuller. Then his penis pulled back into his body and then turned into a vagina. His jeans and t-shirt became a gorgeous black dress to better fit his new figure.

Kyle or better Kylie was speechless and shocked about what had just happened, but then a feeling of lust came over her. She did not know why, but she felt fantastic and right in her body. Lost it the moment Kylie flipped her hair over her head and struck a pose in front of the mirror. The app had taken on everything and when Kylie looked at the video. It made her strangely happy to see how sexy she looked. She sent it to all her friends.

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