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Do I Look Like a Guy

Chrissy said, do I look like a guy to you? Mark stood there at a loss for words stammering trying to think of how to answer. Three years ago they had been friends. They hung out together and got up to the normal mischief boys do. Then Chris had started to hang around with some other guys that got into a lot more serious stuff and Mark drifted away from spending time around him. The next thing he knew the whole bunch got busted and Chris was sent to a juvenile detention facility. After a year and a half in the facility, his mother was able to get him out but she sent him to live with her sister in another state. Now after two years there with her sister Chrissy was back home.

She’d called Mark her first day back wanting to see him. She looked him up and down with a smile starting on her face as she said, you’ve really filled out Mark and gotten handsome too. Chrissy could see that she was having the desired effect on him by the growing bulge in his jeans. This will be easy she thought. Being a girl isn’t so bad when you can choose who you’re with. Not like what happened to me in that juvenile prison. I’m glad my aunt and cousins taught me how to be a girl while I was there. Mom promises to have the doctors finish the job in another year. Right now I need a boyfriend to give me what life come to crave and from the look of that bulge, you’ll do Mark.

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