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I Just Wanted To Say…

Rob looked up at his landlord Barry. He couldn’t say anything because of the gag, and he could barely move in his cuffs. Barry was laughing, and he had nothing to gag his words. “And another idiot fly wanders into my web. Did you never wonder why this place was so cheap, why I was so particular to ensure you had no one to miss you? Did you really think all those herbal drinks were just fruit juice?” Rob mumbled something, but his words were muffled.

“Yeah sorry about the gag, but I don’t want you screaming. That and the cuffs make you much easier to transport. Once the sun goes down a van will arrive to take you to your new home, a brothel somewhere, I don’t know where, don’t care. I used to traffic real girls but it was a dodgy game, someone always missed them and came looking. No one gets suspicious about an all-male boarding house, giving me free reign to transform itinerant guys into gals using nanna’s old magic potion. Much better option, I mean who’d believe I was turning guys into women and then selling them to the whorehouse?”

Rob tried to say that he’d have believed it but again all that came out was an incoherent mumble. “Anyway, I’ve told them your name’s Julia, for some reason they like to know a gal’s name, the personal touch I guess. I’d suggest you go along with their orders. You may not like the idea of sucking and fucking men, but it’ll be preferable to the alternative. Rob tried speaking again. He tried to explain that he knew Barry had the power to turn men into women, and in fact, he’d come here especially so he could become a victim because he’d always wanted to be a woman. He wanted to say that he liked the name Julia and that the idea of sucking and fucking cocks was something he was really looking forward to. As before none of this got through. “They’ll be here soon,” laughed Barry. “Have a nice life as a compliant fuck-toy for a dozen men a day.” Oh I will, thought Rob, I really will!

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