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“Thank you for the drink handsome, I’m Cassie,”

“You’re welcome, I’m Trevor, I know this is a gay bar, figured I’d take a chance. My friend Jay is gay and convinced me to come here with him. I’m not gay by the way, it just sucks that such a beautiful woman like you is a lesbian. I’ll bet the women here are buying you drinks left and right huh?”

“Well, Trevor I’m not a lesbian, although yes I do get hit on by a lot of women. I’m transgender, I used to be a guy. If that makes you uncomfortable I get it with you being straight, but you have to kind of expect that in a place like this. Look it’s hard for me to meet guys that accept me as a woman. Back in high school, I was the point guard on the basketball team, I had the hottest girlfriend in school, and I was one of the most popular guys in school, but it was all a lie. I wanted to be the head cheerleader, prom queen, and be the all-American girl. I know hard to believe huh?”

“I won’t lie, it’s hard to imagine you used to be a guy, but I’m open-minded. So what if you’re trans, you’re a woman now. How about I buy you another drink and we get to know each a little better. I was the point guard for Hillsdale high back in 2016 and there was this guy that played for SunnyValley and there was this guy named Chris Andrews that lit us up for like 25 points, and the more I look at you I think you used to be him?”

“That’s so sweet of you to remember that, yeah that was me, and yeah I torched you guys, but I would have given that night up to be on the sidelines as a cheerleader, waving my pom-poms, cheering on the team. I was Chris Andrews back then but that was a long time ago. Now Trevor you can see life changed a lot since those high school days. Now that you know my past and that I’m trans, maybe you and I could back to my apartment and see where this leads?”

“Okay, I figure after that pounding you put on us that night I owe you huh?”

“Oh Trevor you’re bad, I like that. Just so you know though I’m still pre-op, I haven’t had my final operation yet, I’m sure you’re 0k with that right?”

“….Ah sure, as I said, I’m open-minded….”

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