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Cursed Day

Roger cursed the day he stepped inside the cursed magic taxi. He didn’t have a perfect life. But he liked it. He liked his slightly overweight body. He liked his small apartment. He liked his job as a plumber. Now he was young, sexy, a well paying job and a great apartment. And he could not hate it more. He missed the days he would leave the house in the morning wearing a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt. He didn’t want to swap bodies with Carrie. It was an accident. And now his life was about lipsticks, dresses and high heels. He was now the personal assistant for a rather rude man. And Roger quickly learned that with his job came a certain expectation of his appearance.

Roger hated the way he had to dress up. He hated his job. And he really hated his boss. He was the one after all that demanded that he always looked like a ‘proper assistant’. It had been over a month and he still had great trouble getting ready in the morning. While he was getting quite good at looking presentable he still needed a very long time for it all. Today he was very slow. And he had to run to catch his bus to work. After a month he had already mastered walking in high heels. Running in them however, was a different manner. He had to concentrate on every step so he would not trip and fall. And it hurt like hell. Walking in heels was already bad enough. And he knew he had an ice bath for his feet waiting at home for him tonight. As much as he hated his new job. His boss. The dresses. The lipsticks and earrings. Bras, panties and periods. His growing attraction towards guys. He hated the heels the most.

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