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Dating Express

“What do you mean there’s been a slight delay with my order?” Mike snapped impatiently over the phone. “I’m sorry Mr. Hansen but this is a new ordering process for us so there are liable to be some kinks here and there.” Mike sighed. “l get that but you promised me “the package” so I expect results.” “Yes, we realize that Mr. Hansen. We were able to find a replacement that I think will fulfill your requirements. And even on such short notice rest assured you WILL be satisfied… Mike suddenly heard a knock at the door to his hotel suite. “About damn time.” he grumbled. “0k I have to run…” “Very good sir! Enjoy your order and thank you for choosing Dating Express. Have a wonderful day!” Mike hung up the phone and immediately walked over to the door opening it. He was taken back by a very sexy half-naked woman in matching bra, panties, stockings, and high heels who stood at the doorway. “Well hello there, gorgeous.” Mike grinned.

“Wow, you certainly are a stunning set of…” “Unnngh….” the woman groaned as she awkwardly stumbled into Mike’s hotel suite. Mike moved out of her way as the woman wandered aimlessly to his bedroom. “Good choice of room.” Mike quipped. “l like a woman who is direct he-he…” The woman suddenly glared at Mike. “What the hell are you talking about?” Mike tilted his head. “Weren’t you sent by Dating Express as part of my order?” “Dating Express? I have no idea what you are talking about Mister. I was just waking up in my apartment a few hours ago when two shady guys in black burst into my bedroom and shot something in my neck. I immediately get this wicked headache and the two of them kidnap me, throw me into their van, and next thing I know I’m here with you! Uggghhhhh…” Mike shook his head. “What the… really?” “Yeah really…” she replied picking with her slender fingers. “Look I really don’t feel well. I’d like to lie down on your bed for a bit if that’s Ok with you…” Mike reluctantly nodded. “Sure I’ll close the door so you won’t be disturbed.” “Thank you…” said the woman in a weak appreciative tone of voice…

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