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Happy Halloween

Given he’d always liked dressing up as a woman, and given he was in a new town and didn’t really know anyone, Mike thought it would be a laugh to dress up as Harley Quinn for the work Halloween party. He didn’t count on the fact that he’d get quite tipsy and carefree, and he also didn’t factor in that he made for a convincing and very sexy woman.

By eight o’clock he’d already made out with someone dressed as the Joker, before giving the Clown Prince of Crime a messy hand job in the downstairs loo, and by nine he’d given Batman a blowjob on the back stairs, now it’s nearly ten and someone dressed as the Riddler is very eager to fuck Mike on the roof. Never one to disappoint Mike’s agreed but has used the excuse of a period to insist that the guy fuck him in the ass. The Riddler has no problem with this and Mike’s getting ready for his third load of cum of the evening. It’s a happy, and very sticky, Halloween for Harley!

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