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Lucky Guy

Chris couldn’t believe his luck. Not only did this woman pick him up at the bar. She also insisted on spending the night together at his place. And, she also just offered to give him a blowjob. “The best experience you ever had”, she cooed as she pushed him onto the couch, “And then the real fun begins, hee-hee!”

As Chris leaned his head back and closed his eyes, in eager anticipation of what was to come, his wife Fiona couldn’t help but smile. She was finally going to show her husband her magic powers. By using them to punish him. Because not long ago she had found out about Chris’ various affairs. So she used her magic to change her body into this busty brunette. A woman straight out of her husband’s dreams. It wasn’t too hard to pick him up at the bar looking like this. And the second part of her magic would kick in right at the climax of the blowjob. Because as soon as he would cum, the two were going to swap bodies, And Chris would be the one with warm semen in his mouth. And Fiona planned on keeping him in this form until he learned a lesson. And maybe until he experienced one or two periods.

She couldn’t wait to see the expression on his new face when he realized what was going on. As Fiona started to work on her husband’s raging hard-on, Chris chuckled. “Good thing that my wife is gone for the weekend”, was his last thought, before his perspective changed drastically.

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