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Daddy’s Girl

My name used to be Timothy Maguire. I was 14 when dad ran out on us. When I was 16 my mom married Cliff, who was 45 at the time. Me and Cliff had some trouble initially, I gave him some sass and in the end, he gave me a good hiding to prove who was the alpha male in our new household. Oddly I was ok with that, I was more pissed off at mom for not stopping him. Me and Cliff became close then. When I was 18 mom upped and left town with a traveling salesman. She said I could go with them but I decided to stay with Cliff. He was heartbroken by momma leaving and, like I say, we’d grown close.

It’ hard to pinpoint quite when things started. I quit college and started doing all the chores. At first, I thought Cliff was becoming reliant on me, later I realized that I was becoming submissive and subservient, after all, I’d fetch and carry for him, do whatever he asked.

When my bedroom flooded I thought it was an accident but it wasn’t. Cliff’s clothes were too big so all I could wear were the things momma left behind, and funnily enough, it was only her sexy clothes. Cliff said he’d head into town once he fixed the pickup but three days later the truck was fixed and when I asked about boy clothes he just laughed and said I looked better dressed as a girl.

That was the point where I should have put my foot down, but I didn’t, I just laughed and said he’d better get me some boy clothes soon before I decided I liked being a girl. It was another week before he went shopping, by that point I was experimenting with makeup. He came back from town with lots of new clothes. All of them were women’s.

He stopped calling me Tim and started calling me Angela because he said I was his angel. Of course, I knew where this was going and a couple of days later he got drunk and kissed me. Needless to say, it didn’t stop at a kiss. I can’t be sure I enjoyed the act, but I enjoyed that it made him happy, and I discovered that making Cliff happy was the most important thing for me.

I’m 21 now and Cliff is 50. We moved to a new town where nobody knows us. Now, as far as anyone’s concerned I’m just Angie, Cliff’s young girlfriend. I stay at home and cook and clean, and every night I make my man happy with my mouth or my ass or my hands (usually all three cause he is a randy old bugger). When folks are around I call him Cliff or Cliffy, but in private I just call him daddy. We’re saving up for a proper operation to swap my little peepee for a real pussy he can enjoy, and he’s promised once that’s done he’ll make an honest woman of me. I can’t wait!

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