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Jimmy was quite pleased with the results of the Great Shift. He was still the same age. He was healthy. And he was beautiful. He was also a woman. And while that was something he did not wish for before the shift, it was something he could live with. He was even finding some benefits to being a woman. He had always been into fashion. So much so that people had always made fun of him or thought he was gay. It got so bad that Jimmy decided to hide his enthusiasm for fashion.

Now though things were different. Nobody cared that he knew the names of fashion designers and recognized their work. Nobody looked at him weird when he knew a specific style or cut. Jimmy loved that he was now able to express his interests without fear of being made fun of. He was also quite happy with the greatly enriched choices he now had in clothes. As a man, he did not have that many options. Now the choices were nearly endless and he loved spending his days hitting galleries and upscale boutiques trying to find the right purse to go with his new pair of high heels.

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