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You Only Have Yourself to Blame

‘Well, you only have yourself to blame for that…” Tyler said as his trembling hands started to button up his top. “You cheated on me. You fucked another man, and now is my turn!” His soon-to-be ex-fiancée, Claire sat quietly on the sofa and watched Tyler getting dressed for the party. She wanted to cry, but no tears would come from her eyes. It seemed like Tyler’s body which she was imprisoned now was just incapable to express such emotions.

Tyler had been cleaning his room when he found a girl’s necklace behind some things on a shelf. Something about it was interesting. He never wore jewelry, so he didn’t know how it felt. Pulling it to his neck, he fiddled with it until finally, he got it clasped. As soon as it clasped around his neck, his body began to change. His arms began to get smaller and lost all of their hair. These changes traveled up his legs as they became smooth and his thighs expanded. His hips felt like they were tearing apart as his ass grew nice and attractive. He felt a sharp pain in his crotch when the bulge in his pants disappeared. Then his stomach churned as his abs became tight and sexy. It continued up Tyler’s body and his ribs shrank and his shoulders became less broad. Then he felt a pain in his chest as it began to expand. Tyler looked down to see two round lumps appear under my shirt. Next blonde hair grew past his eyes making him brush it behind his ears as Tyler’s face became a copy of his fiancée. Finally, the memories of Claire’s life flooded into his mind like a valve had been broken open…

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