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A Life I Could Have

After putting the groceries in the trunk I got inside the car, ready to head off. I was quite in the rush since I still had to pick up Brian from his soccer practice, drive Ellie to the mall and buy her a dress for a school dance, cook dinner, and… Well, a lot of mom stuff to do. However, before I could fasten the seatbelt I noticed a couple walking by. The young man was… Well, he was my nephew, but I wasn’t going to go and say hi to him. My focus was on his companion. I knew that girl very well. Stacy Miller, the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life. A girl I once had a huge crush on back in the days when my life looked very different. Looking at them I felt something like… I don’t know, jealousy? I was upset seeing the two of them together and knowing that this could be me. That I could be the one dating Stacy Miller. However, after a minute I took a more realistic approach and realized I’m just fooling myself. There’s no way I could ever be Stacy’s boyfriend for two main reasons.

First I would never have the balls to actually ask her out. Second, I doubt Stacy would be interested in dating a thirty-five years old married woman with three kids and thanks to the accident three years ago that’s exactly who I am no matter how much I dislike the idea. If I told anyone I would be labeled as lunatic, but no matter how it sounds I once used to be the young boy who today I call my nephew. I was sixteen back then and full of plans for my future. Plans I never got the chance to make real. On that day I arrived back in town from the summer camp. My dad was supposed to pick me up from the train station, but something stopped him at work so instead, he send his sister. Nothing was indicating something bad may happen that day. I got into the car, asked aunt Judy how does she feel since she was nine months pregnant at the moment, and had some casual chat on the way. Before getting home I offered myself to help her out with taking the groceries inside. When we were heading towards her house I spotted a strange-looking coin laying on the ground. I didn’t recognize it so I handed it to aunt Judy asking what it could be. The moment she took it in her hand the coin started glowing and a moment later I was facing myself. Somehow the two of us mysteriously swapped bodies. Aunt Judy was now me and as bad as it sounds I was now my pregnant aunt.

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The coin vanished as soon as the switch happened and unfortunately, we were never able to find a second one, nor anything that could help us get our bodies back. What it meant for us is that we had to assume each other’s lives which I think was easier for her than me. Just three weeks after we swapped bodies I ended up in the maternity ward giving birth to an actual child. Something no man did before me unless he swapped bodies with a pregnant woman like I did. However, that was just the beginning. Not only I was responsible to take care of the newborn. I was now the mother of my two little cousins and I had to fill in for aunt Judy in that role, all while dealing with the fact I was now stuck in the body of an adult woman.

For a sixteen-year-old who wasn’t even thinking about starting a family, suddenly becoming a mother of three and a wife was a lot to take on. The latter was especially hard as I had to force myself to get intimate with the man whom for most of my life I was calling my uncle. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t pretend to be my aunt anymore, but I kept going and praying that one day I could be myself again. But that never happened. It’s been three years now and somehow I’ve adjusted to my new life. It’s not like I’m completely happy that I switched bodies with my aunt. If I knew how to do it I would switch back without hesitation. However, I don’t know how and since I love my cousins… Well, kids now I guess I keep up the act and do my best to be a good mom… and wife as well. Seeing Aunt Judy in my body now dating Stacy is kinds of heartbreaking, but it’s not like I’m in any position to tell her what she can and can’t do. She took over my life just like I did with hers and I doubt she’s completely fine with the idea of me sleeping with her husband. Speaking of which it’s probably one of the rare moments that makes me appreciate I’m a woman and at this moment it’s something I definitely need. I’ll just leave those two alone, go back to my daily mom duties and after I put the kids to their beds I hope my husband would make me happy to be his wife. At least for the evening.

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