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Christmas Wish

A bright light engulfed the room after Justin opened up a Christmas present. A few seconds later Justin’s mother Susan spoke up. “Oh my god, Justin! I… I had no idea. You wanted to be a woman?” Susan asked in shock as she saw her new son. “What are you talking about, mom?” Justin said and got very shocked by his new higher voice. He then looked down and cupped his large and soft breasts. “What the fuck? I’m a chick?!” he screamed. “It’s ok honey. It’s your wish. Your wish from the Santas wish card I made you all fill out last week. The ones you thought were just a silly joke. They were real. I found this store… and the weird man there sold them to me. He told me they would fulfill our Christmas wishes if I wrapped them in and made you open them on Christmas day. And it actually worked! Your wish has come true!” Susan said.

“This isn’t my wish! I don’t want to be a chick!” Justin screamed. “I… I don’t understand.” Susan said. “Why the hell would I wish for this?!” Justin continued to scream. Susan picked up the present wrapper and noticed that it was not Justin’s present. “Oh my god, Justin. This is Carol’s present. Not yours. Oh my god. That is Carol’s wish.” Susan said. “But I opened up Justin’s a few minutes ago. And there was no flash of light or anything! I’m still me. And now my nerdy loser brother has the dream body I wished for. I wished I had a body like all the slutty girls at the office. That just show some cleavage and some legs, wear short skirts, flirt with all the guys, and get everything they want!” Carol explained.

“Yeah, she told me she opened mine by mistake so she let me open hers… Damn sis… you’re looking good today.” Justin said as he noticed Carol on the other side of the room. “Uhh… thanks?” Carol said unsure about the compliment. “Yeah… really hot. You’re hot sis! You know… I could use your help getting used to your dream body. I’m sure you could teach me a few things about it… Maybe in the bedroom. We could have a really good time together.” Justin said as he pulled down his panties and moved closer to Carol in a very sultry fashion.

“Oh my god! What is wrong with you?!” Carol said disgusted. “Something is not right here.” Susan said and then turned around to look at her daughter. “It is not right how sexy you are! You and me should have some quality mother-daughter time together! I bet I can show you ways to orgasm that you can’t even imagine!” Susan said as she also moved closer to Carol. “Mom! What the fuck!” Carol said in even greater shock. “Yeah mom. What the hell? I asked first. And you heard her. I have her dream body! She totally wants to do me!” Justin said. “Oh please, I’m your mother. If I say I’m first, then I’m first! Of course, we could always team up.” Susan suggested. “I’m up for it, as long as I get my fair share of that hot piece of ass!” Justin said. “Ew! I don’t want to do it with any of you! What the hell is wrong here?!” Carol said as she left the room in shock. After she had left the room Susan and Justin looked at each other, wondering what had just happened. “Oh my god…” Justin said. “I just remembered my wish… I wished hot women would want to bang me.” he said.

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