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The Wrong Present

Barbara hung up the phone, suddenly feeling very flustered. Ignoring the dangers of using a cell phone while driving, she hurredly dialed another number. “Gabe? Gabe! Look, Grandma’s decided she wants to come for Christmas Eve after all… Yeah I’m not thrilled about it either but she’s still your Grandma even if she is a pain in the ass. Listen I need you to find her gift for you from under the tree and put it on… Yeah I know how much you hate the sweaters she knits for you but what’s one afternoon… I don’t care Gabe, whatever it is, just put it on, she’ll be there in two hours and I can’t deal with her whining about how she’s not appreciated again! Barbara ended the call to her son hoping for the sake of her sanity he would do as he was told. Flipping through her contacts list, she prepared to call her other son.


Barbara pulled into her driveway and carried the shopping bags of food into the house. On walking into the living room she literally dropped the groceries to the floor. Her son Gabe was standing next to the family’s Christmas tree. What stopped her in her tracks, however, was that he was dressed only in a set of black bra and panties complete with black stockings with a garter belt, and matching high heels. “Gabe?! W-w-what the hell are you wearing?” Barbara practically screamed. “You told me to wear whatever was in Grandma’s present,” he pouted, “You sounded pretty mad so I thought I ought to just go with it.”


Grandma sent you this!?” Barbara collected the discarded wrapping paper from the floor. ‘Gabe you idiot! This says “To Babe, Love Dan” not “To Gabe, Love Gran”, this is a present from your brother to his girlfriend… I never imagined Holly as such a slut…” Gabe turned bright red and shuffled uncomfortably in the heels. “Wait a minute,” Barbara continued, “how did you manage to do your hair and makeup so quickly… and sooo well?”

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