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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m extremely unhappy. I know, I don’t exactly look like a Matthew, and I don’t look unhappy either. Well, I am, on both counts. Unfortunately, the spell my no good weasel of a roommate Donny used to turn me into a woman named Roxy forces me to look happy and smile all the time. It stops me from talking honestly as well. I can only write the truth. It’s also responsible for the stupid bimbo way I speak, especially when I’m telling Donny how “Super sexy” he is or how “He’s my babykins and I love him soooo much.”


Fucking bastard! And of course, the goddamn spell gives me no option but to comply when Donny wants me to get on my knees and give him a blowjob or tells me to lie back and spread my legs while he fucks me. And of course, while we’re doing it I’m all “Fuck me harder baby!” and “You’re so big, Donny” and “I’m such a lucky girl!”

Look, you’ve got to help me, can you just call the…

Shit. So Donny sent you and said you could borrow Roxy? Son of a bitch. Ok, I’ll get down on my knees, you drop your pants. Just know, if I had any say in the matter I’d bite your cock off!

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