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Prisoner 18

Red River Correctional Institute is a little-known prison hidden away in the Louisiana Bayou, a secret establishment where only the most dangerous prisoners are sent. There is one female prisoner at Red River. She is known as Prisoner 18, though the guards have nicknamed her Audrey. What none of Audrey’s fellow inmates know is that Audrey isn’t her real name, in fact, she isn’t even a real woman.

Oliver Hanson was a top CIA operative until he went rogue, stealing secrets to sell to the Russians to fund his extravagant lifestyle. Just before he was captured he stole an experimental drug from a lab in New Hampshire, when the Feds turned up the only place to hide the drug was in his own bloodstream, what he hadn’t realized was that it was a gender alteration drug, which transmuted him into a woman. Oliver can never go free given what he knows, so ‘Audrey’ was shipped off to Red River where she’s become very popular with the guards, and with the odd prisoner who can afford to bribe his way into her cell.

Now a new warden has taken a shine to Audrey, and Prisoner 18 can see the possibility of escape but is Audrey too institutionalized into a life of lust to take it?

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