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Second Chances

Duncan’s first marriage took place on July 20th, 1974. His second wedding also took place on July 20th, 1974! The first time he married Rita in Chicago. He was 21 at the time. By 2021 he was 68, a widower, a father, and a grandfather. With his heart failing he knew he would soon die, and he regretted all the things he hadn’t done in his life. When he saw an ad online for a service called Second Chances he thought it must be a scam, especially as it promised to allow a person to rerun their life, but since his family were financially secure, what did it matter if he splurged all his cash on one last desperate throw of the dice.

Second Chances took his money and after getting him to sign a waiver they connected him to their machine and everything went dark. Duncan thought he was dying. But then he woke and he was alive. He was also young again. Oh, and he was now a woman! He found a short note by his bed informing him that it was January 1973, and he was now a 20-year-old woman named Josephine, a secretary living in Paris.

Duncan was nervous and confused, yet also excited by his new life. It took a while to acclimatize to being back in the 70s and being in France rather than America, and of course, being a woman really took some getting used to. At least he was glad he had had French classes at school for a couple of years and he managed to find a job as a secretary.

Now he was Josephine he found he fancied men, and nervously entered the dating pool. His first boyfriend was Louis, and it was also Louis who took Josephine’s virginity. They broke up after three months and then Josephine dated an older man named Gabriel for six months. At the work Christmas party Josephine’s boss, 35-year-old Sébastien, told Duncan that he’d fallen in love with Josephine during the last few months. Duncan had never thought of Sébastien that way, but when he kissed her, Josephine felt something in her stomach flip and within a few days, she was head over heels in love with Sébastien. He proposed in March after a whirlwind romance and Josephine accepted.


The only date the church had free was July 20th, 1974. Duncan was amazed. That he would marry the second love of his life on the same day he’d married the first seemed like fate. Tonight is her wedding night and Josephine feels like a princess. She can’t wait to be Sébastien’s wife and have his babies. She hopes they have a long life ahead of them. As for the future… well, now Duncan knows Second Chances works, maybe he’ll use them again when he’s old. Who knows maybe somewhere else on July 20th, 1974, Duncan’s third wedding is taking place! He’s definitely always going to come back as a woman though. He really loves being pretty and submissive.

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