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What a Difference a Day Makes

“Come on dude. Be honest with me. I’m fucking hot. You’d totally fuck me like this, right?” Adam asked his friend Stan. “I… uhh.. really… don’t…” Stan mumbled. “Like if we were a couple of courses! Come on. If I were your girlfriend and stood in front of you like this you would fuck me right?” Adam asked again. “Guess…” Stan said. “I knew it! God, I thought I was going crazy. I’m fucking hot! I am not the problem! Why the hell doesn’t Carol want to fuck me? She shifted into a guy. I know she is into women now. Why isn’t she into her boyfriend standing in front of her like this?!” Adam complained.

“It’s been six months since the shift. I can’t wait much longer for her to be ready. I’ve got needs!” he added as he headed towards his bedroom. “I’m just going to throw something on and then we can head out to the game Stan. I’ll just be a minute,” he said as he excused himself. Stan could not believe what had just happened. Ever since the shift put his friend into the body of a woman he had a growing attraction toward him. And he was trying his best to ignore those feelings. But Adam was really not making it easy for him. Up until now, he could at least imagine that Adam looked horrible underneath his clothes. Now that image was also gone. It would be another few months of agony for Stan to be around his friend. Until Adam and Carol finally broke up and Stan finally built up the courage to tell his friend how he felt. That night Stan could finally answer Adams’s question.

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