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A Couple Again

Lucas smiled at Susan as her expression changed from a frown as she looked at him to one of surprise as she finally recognized who he was. He had called her yesterday struggling to try to keep his voice in a range he hasn’t used in over two years. He asked if she would meet him in the park downtown, he knew she probably remembered their spot if the bench was still there. He told her he’s moving back to town and he’d like to see her if possible. Laura really wanted to make sure she was the first to know about Laura and hoped she would at least be a friend.

When the two broke up three years ago Lucas transferred to an out-of-state location with the company he worked for. It’s funny that he should have any concern about how she would feel about him being Laura since it was Susan who got him into dressing up in the first place. It was also the underlying reason for their split. Lucas had complained that she wanted him in skirts and panties all the time it seemed. He had never admitted that he liked it although she knew he did. Sometime shortly after getting settled in his new city he had a shocking realization. All along he’d been in denial about his feelings about being a woman, he’d blamed it all on Susan. Within that first year away he’d gone from dressing on weekends to full-time living and working as Laura. He’s even been on hormones off and on to help soften his look. Susan had a million questions but her smile when Laura said she’s still single and still into girls said a lot. As it turns out she isn’t seeing anyone either. The two will go to dinner after leaving the park and neither will want to say good night. They’ll be a couple again within a week.

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