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Told You It’s Useless

Mike watched as his friend pointed the swapping remote at him. “This is the end, Mike. You won’t be stealing my sister’s life anymore” Greg said ready to click the button. Mike smiled watching his efforts. “Come on, do it” He laughed. Greg pressed the button but nothing happened. He looked confused at the remote while Mike was having fun seeing Greg’s face. “I told you it’s useless,” Mike said. “What did you do” Greg shouted at him. “Let’s just say I accidentally dropped it on the floor and it may have been broken now” Mike grinned. “You…” Greg was furious.

“Listen Greg. No matter how much you dislike the idea now I’m your sister. Katie didn’t want her body and life so she agreed to exchange. Yes, I didn’t steal it from her. She was fully aware of this.” Mike said but Greg didn’t want to listen.

It didn’t matter if Mike was telling the truth, he couldn’t stand the idea that his friend was now his older sister. Mike knew that Greg probably won’t accept him but he didn’t care. Living as a girl was interesting. Besides Katie gave him this body, it was his own from now and he could do whatever he wanted to. And if Greg can’t accept it… Well, it’s not like he could do anything about it.

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