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Double Down

When tough Las Vegas cop Larry Rook turned the ignition on his car he heard a tell-tale click and knew he was moments away from being blown sky-high. His investigation of the Carlotti Crime Family had finally cost him everything. He was shocked when he woke to discover that, not only was he still alive, but he was also now in the body of a young woman, a 25-year-old hooker named Sally Syn. Knowing no one will believe him, Larry has to assume Sally’s identity, but he has no intention of becoming a compliant whore, the Carlotti family effectively murdered Larry, and now he wants revenge!

First, he’ll have to deal with Sally’s pimp, the sleazy Mad Mike, and he’ll have to adjust to the brand new urges that come along with his new body. Before long Sally is blazing a trail of lust and destruction across Vegas, and everyone who gets in her way is either going to get shot, or get screwed!

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