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The Price of Delay

“Now lean forward and toss your hair to the side… exactly. That’s beautiful. Very sexy! Your wife is sure to love it!” the photographer encouraged as he snapped several more photos. “Now, turn the other way, bigger smile on this one…” Lucy turned as she was told, but mustering the smile was quite the effort. It was never supposed to be her standing here in bridal lingerie. It was never supposed to be HER at all… Such was the price of delay… Lucas had met Cassie nearly five years ago. She was gorgeous, highly intelligent, came from a wealthy family, and she was smitten with him. However, after four years of dating, he didn’t find the courage to propose to her. Lucas was short, lean, and very shy. Finally, Cassie got fed up with waiting. “We need to have a serious discuss…” she began, sitting him down. “l love you, I want to marry you, but I’m tired of waiting. I don’t think you’re ever going to ‘man up’, get your shit together, and propose to me. So I’m going to propose to you, but it comes with some catches. You can refuse, but if you do, I’m leaving.” Lucas sat up with an intense expression. “Anything, anything for you babe,” he pleaded. “l can’t lose you!” Cassie sat back with a smirk. “Good,” she stated as she moved to stand up. “Then we will get married, and you will be my bride…”

Lucas soon learned what Cassie really meant by that statement. Professionals hired by Cassie’s wealthy family began to work with Lucas on his posture, mannerisms, and appearance. His male clothes were all discarded, replaced with dresses, blouses, skirts, lingerie, and high-heeled shoes. He was sent to a doctor who put Lucas on a regiment of hormones to feminize his body. He had his body hair removed by lasers, met with a personal trainer every day for cardio, yoga, and pilates. Whenever he complained, Cassie was quick to remind him that this was his only option if he wanted to remain with her. Lucas, though reluctant, continued to do as told. After about six months, Lucas no longer even passed as a man. That is when he met with a psychologist who confirmed that he was “in transition to full womanhood” and had his identification updated to reflect that. Now Lucy, she was scheduled for surgery soon after and was not told of the details of the operation. Cassie merely reassured her that it was all part of the process. Lucy awoke in agony… her face feminized, breast implants in her chest, and the last vestige of her manhood converted into confirmation of her new womanhood. She cried for days after and accused Cassie of mutilating her. Cassie reminded Lucy that she was free to leave if she disliked what was being done to her, but their marriage would be off and all of the costs would fall to Lucy. Lucy had no choice but to remain… Now, the day before their wedding, fully healed, Lucy is making a boudoir album for her soon-to-be wife. Instead of a husband, she will be a wife… but at least she gets to remain with Cassie. The cost of her delay has been paid with her manhood…

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