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A Big Favor

Thomas walked toward the building where the modeling job was thinking about how this all got started and the consequences he would soon face. He was eight when his dad ran off and left him and his mom. It was hard on them both for a while but they stuck together. When his mom one day asked if he would do her a big favor he said, sure mom, before she even told him what it was. When she said that she wanted to enter him in a young miss beauty pageant he thought she was joking. She explained that she’d wanted to be in one as a young girl and never got the chance. She had wished for a daughter so that one day she could enter her but she had him. She looked so sad that he agreed.

It was fun fooling everyone and the two grew closer during all the preparation for it. Toni placed third on her first time out and they both celebrated. It was the first of many and he soon was taking blockers and eventually the hormones started. When his breast started to bud mom had him start living as her daughter Toni. The contest led to modeling and they enjoyed the extra income. When he asked one day when he could go back to being Thomas, mom became vague and evasive. She also wanted him to start doing swimwear and other modeling but he still had the small remnant of his maleness to hide. At 17 he knows it won’t be long now before he’ll have to quit or find a way to do that kind of work. He’s pretty sure mom has a plan. He’s losing hope that he’ll ever get to be Thomas again.

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