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That Look

“Don’t give me that look, Brian!” Chris said to his friend. “What look?” Brian asked. “That look where you actually think you might be getting some,” Chris explained. “It’s not my fault I have that look! I walk in here and see a beautiful woman in a thong moving like that… and with your sensual voice. I just can’t help it!” Brian explained. “Well, I can’t help it either. It’s this damn curse from my wife! I am forced to dress sexy. Move sexy. Be flirty around guys… Have you got the things I asked you for?” Chris asked trying to change the subject as he felt a compulsion to flirt with his best friend. “Yeah yeah. But why do you need a miniskirt so badly? Don’t you have jeans in this hotel room somewhere? I saw you wear jeans two days ago!” Brian wondered. “Well… I am… compelled to go to the disco tonight. And I can’t go to the disco in jeans… it has to be a miniskirt. It’s this stupid curse. I have to look my best. I hate my wife for doing this to me. And all because she thinks I slept with another woman behind her back!” Chris complained.


“But you did sleep with another woman behind her back. And she was, if you don’t mind my honesty, a young blonde bimbo.” Brian said. “Yeah… but she still didn’t have to turn me into one! And you know what the worst thing is? She made me really dig married men. But also gave me this big conscience about ruining a marriage. It’s the only reason I have managed not to throw myself at you.” Chris said. “Lucky me I guess,” Brian said as he watched his friend get dressed up to go to the disco.

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