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Cookie Surprise

I came home one day from a long day at work to find that my girlfriend Nina bad been baking. There was a plate of cookies on a plate in the kitchen. “Did you bake these for me?” I ask, taking a cookie and a kiss. “l was bored, so I decided to have some fun.” “Mmm,” I respond taking a bite of the cookie and enjoying the sweet flavor. “What kind of cookie are they?” “I’m not really sure. I was going to make chocolate chip, but we didn’t have any chips, so I went digging in the cupboard and found some sweet-tasting stuff way in the back. I loved the taste so I figured that I would give it a try in the cookies. Do you like them?” “They are so good!” I swallowed the last bite of the cookie and the magical aura surrounded me.


It tugged at my clothes, ripping my shirt and pants to shreds, before reforming them as a bra and fitted white panties. I felt my frame shrink down, muscle replaced with soft curves as my hips widened and my ass pushed out. My chest too began to expand, swelling until two extensive breasts filled out the cups of the new bra perfectly. My skin softened as body hair retreated. On my face, I felt my lips plump up, while my nose shrank slightly, my features becoming more delicate. Finally, beneath my new underwear, there was a sharp pinch, as my genitals evaporated, replaced with the moist folds of my virgin womanhood.

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