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From This Angle

“My ass does look big from this angle…” Jason thought concerned as he looked at himself in the mirror. “Oh god, I’ve only been a chick for a few weeks and I’m already obsessed with my figure! But I just can’t help it. The Shift gave me this fantastic body. And I just want to keep it that way. Maybe I should start going to a gym. And eat healthier… I should ask Hanna about what she did to keep this body in shape… I never really cared about my body as a guy. But now that I am a sexy lady… I don’t want this body to go to waste.” Jason decided.

He was dealing quite well with the results of the Great Shift. It had put him into the body of his neighbor. She was very attractive and very fit and he was loving every second of it. But lately, he was noticing a few extra fat cells here and there. And when a co-worker told him today that he had a very nice big ass his mind could only concentrate on the word big. The first thing he did when he got home was to check out his ass in t front of the mirror. And he got really concerned when he thought that it did look bigger. He would not let his new sexy body go to waste!

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