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Special Delivery

Lee had always loved Christmas, so when he chanced upon an ancient bottle containing a genie who would grant one wish if he was released, Lee knew exactly what to ask for. “l wish it could be Christmas every day!” Unfortunately after spending a thousand years in that bottle, the Genie’s hearing wasn’t what it once was, so what he heard was “I wish I could be Christine every day.” As such he turned Lee into a young woman named Christine.

While it wasn’t what he’d wanted, Lee had always been good at making the best of a bad deal, and given he was now an incredibly sexy young woman it was easy enough to set himself up as a very high-class hooker who specialized in providing her clients with a bespoke sexy Christmas experience, even in summer! Right now she’s getting ready for another day at the office. She’s dressed in one of her very sexy Santa outfits. Soon she’ll have fun unwrapping her latest present, before fondling some baubles and letting a man dressed as Santa cum down her chimney, or maybe both her chimneys if she has two clients at once! Not only is it Christmas every day, but someone has Christine every day, and Christine couldn’t be happier!

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