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Direction In Life

“You know, darling,” I said with a sigh as I straighten my skirt and sat down on the floor in front of Tony. “All your coughing and choking is making it very hard to monologue.” “You… bitch… kill…” Tony gasped on the floor. His limp arm was desperately trying to reach for the pistol on his hip. I sighed again. “l know you are mad, but this had to be done.” I explained. “Don’t worry, that poison is a real slow worker, so we have some time to kill while it does its thing.” “You know.” I continued. “l really should thank you. After you had me kidnapped and your butchers did this to me.” I gestured down at my voluptuous body.

“You could have thrown me into a strip club or out on the streets. I guess I never really considered just how weak-willed you really are though. All it took was a pretty girl to bat her eyelashes and you were putty in my hands. Even knowing that I wasn’t always a girl.” I cocked my head. “Maybe that was part of it though, maybe you got off on it. Who knows.” Tony made another choking gasp but no words came out. “And, after I let you fall in love with me, our wedding, the legal process of making me a real and legal woman, I figured that there was only one more thing to do,” I said smiling. A look of comprehension came over Tony’s face.

“That’s right honey, I orchestrated the whole thing. The death of your men, the bickering and fighting among the ranks, and last night, the death of your father.” I explained. “You see, how could I let such a powerful family be run by an absolute moron like you?” I asked. “No, no, this family needs someone more cunning at the helm. Someone like me, your grieving widowed wife.” I giggled. “It’s funny, I never had any desire for power when I was a man, funny what directions our lives take us, don’t you think?”

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