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It’s Michelle Now

“Come on Michael. The store we want is on the other side of the street.” Jane said to her son. “Michelle mom. It’s Michelle now.” Michelle said annoyed. “Oh sorry MICHELLE. Since it is MICHELLE now I am going to have to spend half a fortune on new clothes for you.” Jane said angrily. “You don’t need to buy me clothes. Rachel has given me all of her old ones.” Michelle started to explain yet again to Jane. “I am not going to have you walk around like a skank! It’s bad enough you agreed to swap with that whore when she asked you!” Jane said. “We were swapped at birth. She was unhappy. It was the right thing to do.” Michelle tried to explain again. “Well, and it is the right thing for me to do to make sure that my daughter does not turn into a whore like so many young women! You are going to dress and act like a proper young woman should do!” Jane explained. “Whatever you say, mom.” Michelle sighed as she followed her mother into the store.

She knew it was pointless to argue with her. Her mother had always been a controlling nutcase. She also knew that her mother would never understand or accept that it was not only Rachel that wanted to swap. When Michael found out he was swapped at birth with a woman he knew that was who he was supposed to be. Just like Rachel knew she was supposed to be a man. Since the swap Michelle had been happier than she has ever been. Even with her mother’s attitude. She knew it was not for long. In half a year she was off to college and away from her crazy mother. She had been looking forward to it before the swap. Now she was counting the days. And already had the suitcases packed with Rachel’s old clothes.

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