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Pole Stander

When Laura discovered her husband Kevin had been cheating on her with a stripper from a local bar she was furious. And in her anger, she commissioned a criminal organization to kidnap Kevin and turn hirn into a woman. The original plan for Kevin, or Tammy as he became known after the surgery, was to be conditioned to be a sluty stripper and for her to be shipped off to a brothel somewhere in Mexico.

After a few weeks, Laura regretted her decision, despite his betrayal she had loved Kevin, and her revenge seemed too much. It was too late to reverse the surgery, but rather than re-educate Tammy as a slut, Laura had them condition her to be a regular woman. Laura and Tammy are now best of friends, and Tammy works as a legal secretary.

Of course, whilst the doctors cut short Tammy’s slutty training, enough of it had already been embedded to ensure that it has had an impact on Tammy’s personality. For one thing, she’s something of an easy lay, but more bizarrely she often gets distracted by any poles she walks past in the street, which can make getting to work on time difficult. At least she’s content to just drape herself against them rather than dance around them!

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