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Don’t Look So Surprised

Somethings about this Saturday night were not so unusual. The butterflies for one, David was more than familiar with the fluttering in his stomach before a big first date, having been on dozens during his time at college. Making an extra effort with his appearance was another. David knew that an extra ten minutes in front of the mirror could be the difference between coming home alone and coming home the morning after. Yet as he leaned in close to his reflection to touch up his mascara, he struggled to think of a single thing that he would consider ‘the usual’ about this current dilemma…

It all started with a college professor with a grudge. Prof. Bennett was a grade-A bitch, which was ironic since she’d been giving David ‘F’s all semester. It was difficult to put his finger on why she hated him so much but she seemed to take particular resentment to the fact he was popular with the female members of the class. He’d completely given up on passing the class and was coasting toward failure when one evening he hit the jackpot, or so he thought. He blinked in disbelief at the professor’s dating profile on his computer screen, there was no mistaking, it was her, the hard-faced professor even looked quite attractive in some of the pictures she had uploaded. David’s interest went up a notch further when he noticed the preference subtitle: “female seeking female.” And so Suzanne was born, or rather her profile was. A young, attractive, twenty-something lesbian, who just happened to have a thing for demanding college professors. She began to send sexy messages to Prof. Bennett’s profile, courtesy of David of course. Suggestive, filthy stuff, fantasies of being spanked in the classroom, rendezvous in the supply closet, and school girl dress up. It was all just a bit of fun at the expense of his uptight teacher. But then something amazing happened, his grades started to get better. Having “Suzanne” in her life had clearly had a profound effect on Prof. Bennett and her attitude towards her students seemed to transform.

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Now, David even had a chance at passing the class, all he needed was a passing grade on his final paper. Unfortunately, this was also the time that the prof started pushing for a face-to-face date. With the finish line in sight. David tried cooling off on Suzanne’s escapades but in the following days, Prof. Bennett’s mood grew noticeably foul. With him becoming her class punching bag once again, there was no way she would pass him in this kind of frame of mind and he once more began to slip into acceptance of defeat. Then, just two days before the final test paper. David went online to delete Suzanne once and for all to find one final desperate plea, “JUST ONE DATE, PLEASE!”

David put the top back on the mascara and pursed his lips together to even out the thick red lipstick as he’d seen on the youtube video. He smoothed his palms down his dress and took one last look at himself in the mirror, balancing carefully on the six-inch heels. It was difficult to deny, he looked like an absolute babe! All he had to do was show Prof. Bennett a nice evening while keeping her advances at bay and he would hopefully pass her class and never have to see her again. It was difficult to imagine her recognizing him when he didn’t even recognize himself. There was a knock at the door, his date with destiny was here to pick him up.

“Suzanne I suppose?” the professor dressed in harsh leather, grinned hungrily as the door swung open. “Of course, we both know that’s not true, don’t we David? Oh come now, don’t look so surprised. It was no effort at all to check whose university login was connected to Suzanne’s dating profile. You try to play me for a fool, yet you’re the one standing there open-mouthed, dressed like a slut. Now, you were telling me how much you’d like to be spanked by a college professor… Let’s see how much you want to pass my class, shall we?”

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