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Perfect Punishment

“Come on, baby. What’s taking you so long?”, the young woman cooed as she was lying on the couch, “What are you doing down there anyway?” “I’m searching for a way to reverse all of this”, Gabriel sighed, not taking his eyes off the large book he was skimming through, “Because this isn’t what I wanted at all. I didn’t want to change things so much. I just wanted to get back at you for tormenting me at school these past few years. I thought this spellbook would… I don’t know… take away your muscles. Or make me stronger. Or something like that. So that I can torment you for a change. But… l didn’t want to get turned into this guy. And I didn’t want you to get turned into this woman. Into… my wife. And everyone thinks we’ve always been like this. I didn’t want this to happen!”


The woman watched as Gabriel buried his head in his hands. She then sat up and in a calm voice, she said, “Look, Gabe. I know that I used to be this Dylan guy. I know that I used to be a big and mean boy. And I know that it was one of your spells that changed me into this. That… changed us into this.” She stood up and slowly walked over to where Gabriel was sitting on the floor. And she continued, “But I don’t mind how things turned out. In fact, I think it’s the perfect punishment. And I love being a woman. I love being YOUR woman, hee – hee. I’m feeling so much better now that all this anger and hatred inside of me was replaced by pure love for you. And I want to stay like this. Forever. I don’t want to go back to being this troubled boy. I just want to be with you! And I want to show you how sorry I am for the way I treated you. Every single day!” As his former bully and now sexy wife pulled Gabriel to his feet and started to drag him towards their new bedroom, he thought, “Maybe I can try out this new reality for a few days. I can go back to finding a reversal spell in a few days. Or in a few weeks. Or whenever!”

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