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New Role

Kenny went back into the living room and sat down in a comfy chair. He leaned back, put his hand on the left knee, and ran it up his thigh enjoying the feel of the smooth skin under his fingers. “What can I do for you, young man?” he asked. “You really seem to enjoy playing my part here”, Deborah chuckled, “But I think it’s time that I take over my role again.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, Kenny said in a slightly condescending voice, “I’m not playing a role here. That’s who I am!” “Cut the crap, you little….”, Deborah growled, “We agreed to swap places for a few days. But now we are going to use the medallion to change back into our own selves! Got that?!”

Kenny just sat there and looked at the teenage boy standing in front of him. At the body that used to be his until his next-door neighbor offered to swap bodies with him. A smirk appeared on his beautiful face and he said in a calm voice, “It seems that you don’t fully understand the situation here. You are in absolutely no position to demand anything from me! Because when you used the medallion to trade our bodies, you gave up your status as a wealthy adult. You’re just a normal teenager now. And teenagers don’t get to tell adults what to do. But I’ll tell you something. You better go back to YOUR home. Or do you want me to call YOUR parents?” When Deborah just stared at her former body with a terrified look, Kenny added, “Oh….and by the way. I got rid of the medallion. And there’s no way you can ever find it, hee-hee!” After leading the shocked teenager out of the house Kenny went upstairs into his big bedroom. Enjoying the clacking of high-heels on the floor, the swaying of his hips, and the bouncing of his hair and his breasts with each step. And as he fished the medallion out of his hiding place, he giggled, “As if I would ever get rid of such a powerful thing, hee-hee! Maybe I’ll need it sometime in the future to get myself a brand-new body. But for now, I’m just gonna enjoy my new role as a wealthy and sexy woman, Oh yeah!”

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