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Desperate Measures

Ever since I watched the TV series, chuck, on TV, I knew I always wanted to be a spy or an undercover agent of some sort. Something with cool codenames and all. My whole high school life I prepared myself for this future. I was very active. I tried all sports, my favorite was swimming, and people say I have a swimmer body, all slim and lean but firm. I kept my grades up, I studied many languages until I was fluent in all of them and read books from all over the world. This meant my whole high school life I had limited friends and never met any girls to be with, but it was all worth it, just knowing that one day I’d reach my goal, and I was very determined! After high school I began to apply to all the agencies and training programs I knew of, I was rejected every time with pretty much the same answer “You’re not quite what’re we looking for, there are too many guys with the same skills, levels, and determination, we’re looking for something a little different. This made me depressed knowing that all that hard work was for nothing.

As the weeks went by, I was starting to worry, I had no backup plan for my life, and it was to be a spy of some sort or nothing. One day after walking out of another agency, I saw a very attractive girl about her mid-20s walking out of the building, and then it came to me… Desperate times call for desperate measures… One year later after I had done the changes I needed to reach my goal, I was ready to apply again. This time it was the opposite. I got job offers straight away, agencies I didn’t even know existed were contacting me, making me offers beyond my dreams! I accepted this one job that was perfect for me. Three years later after intense training, they put me on my first mission! My code name was “Sasha”. There were rumors that one of the girls on Victoria’s Secret fashion show was helping the Russians transfer illegal substances between countries on the tour, but they don’t know who, so it’s my job to blend in and get close and personal with all these girls and find out who the culprit is! I think this red dress is the perfect disguise, time to get to work!!

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