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Coach Captisa

“Hey, Vanessa! Can I chat with you real quick privately before practice?”

“Sure Coach Captisa… Did I do something wrong? I thought I had been improving over the past few weeks! I’m confident I can finally win a match against one of those bitches from Haven Academy this week!”

“Oh no! Nothing wrong. I have some GREAT NEWS for you! The school board voted and they are bringing back Boy’s Tennis next season! That means after this season is over, you can cut your hair, ditch the skirts, and stop taking hormones!”

“That’s…. good I guess.”

“Why the disappointment? I thought you would be ecstatic since you obviously didn’t want to dress like a girl to be on the team.”

“Yes… I hated the idea of having to dress like a girl just to play at a new school, but it’s grown on me in the past few months. I’ve made such great friends with the girls on the team, love dressing up girly, and threw out a bunch of old male stuff in my room! I’ve learned so much about being a woman and don’t think I could ever return to my days of wearing cargo shorts!”

“Okay, I’ll let the school board know just in case there are any other boys who want to follow in your footprints!”

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