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Last-minute Thing

David paused a moment while sending Malcolm a selfie with a message that she was done at the salon and ready to be picked up. She sometimes has these moments where she either found it hard to believe she was actually living as Gina, Malcolm’s girlfriend, or that she had ever been David the accountant. Whichever the case she would never change things even if she could. She’d had her one lapse of the ordered life that David lived at the time and agreed to let Barb, his sister, talk him into coming with her to a costume party her company was having. Since it was a last-minute thing Barb said, I’ll dress in your suit and you can go in some of my things. Barb slicked her hair back and used makeup to give herself a five o’clock shadow but she went all out on David. At 5’5″ and small framed he and Barb were nearly the same size. By the time Barb was done, they could have passed for twins. Hair removal, mani/pedi for the peep-toe heels, her best wig and a fantastic makeup job that included false lashes and David didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror. Barb said, “I knew you’d turn out like this! I’ve wanted to dress you up again since we were kids. We both take after mom with our big butts.”

David drank too much too fast due to being nervous and soon lost track of Barb. By the time Malcolm saw the little cutie in the short dress with the kind of booty, he loved David was drunk and getting anxious. The big guy sweet-talking him made him nervous but she felt safe with him. She still doesn’t know how she ended up at Malcolm’s place in his bed but she can’t forget how Malcolm made her feel. It wasn’t long before Gina took over completely. She loves it.

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