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It Must Kill You

“It must really kill you to see your girlfriend like this. All dressed up ready for cheerleading practice. Knowing that it’s the school janitor in here. And poor poor Amy stuck in my old body. It’s her own fault. She treated everybody like dirt. So I figure it might do her some good to clean the shit up from everybody else for a while. And don’t forget, if you or Amy try to tell anybody what I did or don’t do what I want I will keep this body forever. I think Amy’s got the message. So it will all depend on you. Now I am heading off to cheerleading practice and when I come back I expect some action with my boyfriend. And you’d better be as good as you always brag about in front of your friends, because there is no way I am leaving this fine, young body until I come in it. Here’s a view to get you in the mood…” Richard said as he lifted his skirt to flash his panties at Jason, Amy’s boyfriend.

Jason was disgusted. For one of the thought of having sex with the school janitor in Amy’s body. And for the other that his body really didn’t seem to mind who was in it. He sighed and gave in. He knew he would have to sleep with Richard tonight. And hope that he could make him come. Of course, Richard knew though that that was the last thing he needed to make the bodyswap spell permanent. And he was quite pleased when Jason did it on his first go.

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