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I Am Not A Womanizer!

“But how…??” Curtis was in for quite a shock when he woke up as a woman. He let out such a piercing scream that he woke up his girlfriend Sarah sleeping next to him. Now an hour later after convincing her that he was indeed Curtis they were trying to think of a way how this could happen.

“Maybe it’s like those movies where the sexist womanizer gets turned into a woman and only turns back once he learns what women go through?” Sarah said. “This isn’t a movie. And I am not a sexist womanizer!” Curtis argued. “Well… you kinda are a bit,” Sarah said after a few seconds of silence. “How?!” Curtis asked enraged. “You only notice women that are pretty. If a woman ignores you she is a lesbian. You make fun of fat women. You have no woman you look up to. You complain every time there is a movie reboot with women instead of men. Last year you believed that you should get that one promotion because you were a guy and you were up against a woman. Oh, and you cheated on your last girlfriend. A lot.” Sarah listed off a bunch of reasons. “With you!” Curtis argued. “And you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend until we were dating for over a month! You’re not a bad guy. But you are not a saint.” Sarah explained.

“Ok, fine. I’m not a good guy. So what? I dress up girly, have a few guys hit on me and I’ll turn back?” Curtis asked. “It’s usually more complicated than that. You have to really learn how it is to be a woman.” Sarah said. “Well, it’s worth a shot,” Curtis said as he took Sarah by the hand and led her to the wardrobe. “Tell me what to wear so I look sexy and have guys hit on me. The sooner I have my dick back the better!” Curtis said. Unfortunately for Curtis, he would not turn back into a man no matter how much he understood women or got hit on. During the night the Role Exchanger came to visit them. And the only change it did was to switch Curtis’s gender with the fetus inside Sarah. She did not know yet that she was pregnant. And while it was an unexpected pregnancy it was a very mild shock compared to waking up next to a woman who was actually your boyfriend.

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