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So Disgusting

“That’s so disgusting! Ew, what a fucking creep! I really know how to pick them. He was a bad kisser. Lasted only a few minutes in bed. Didn’t even have the courtesy to rub me one out. Fell asleep. And then he sneaks out in the middle of the night while I am asleep. But not before jerking off into my panties… This is the worst one-night stand ever.” Kyle thought putting the panties on.

When Kyle found the medallion of Zulu he made a plan to use it to gain so much needed knowledge of women. He bought a pair of women’s underwear, heels, and a dress to use with the medallion. And then he spent a few weekends as a woman to learn about them. He built up enough courage to even sleep with a guy or two so he could really learn something. But after being a woman for only a few hours he knew he wanted to spend as little time as possible as one. While he was glad he turned into quite an attractive woman he was unhappy about how small and weak he felt. The clothes he had to wear were uncomfortable and tight. He needed ages to get dressed and ready. He was even confronted with sexual harassment in his short visit to the grocery store where a guy grabbed his ass at the checkout line.

Kyle knew that being a woman was not for him. But he also knew that if he never wanted to use the medallion again to turn himself into a woman he would have to sleep with a man tonight. Luckily that thought was not as disgusting as he had feared since he now found men to be quite attractive. But it was still quite disconcerting for Kyle to go out to a bar with the goal to get picked up by a guy so he can fuck him. At least he did not have to wait too long until the first guy turned up. And Kyle was quite pleased that he was even quite hot. It was not long until the two of them were back at Kyle’s apartment. Things were going well. At least until he moved things towards his bedroom. Not only did the guy not last very long in bed. He was also quite bad at sex. And even though he was disappointed by how short it was he was glad that it was over. When Kyle awake a few hours later he was surprised by what he found. The guy was gone. And before he had left he had not only come into his panties. He had also robbed him. His wallet was gone. And even worse, the medallion that was by his bedside table was gone! He wanted to call the cops but his phone was also gone. Going to the police department without underwear was too frivolous but wearing cum soaked panties, was really disgusting…

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