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Hitched For The Night

My heart is racing. Oscar is finishing up in the bathroom and then he’ll be coming to bed and we’re going to, you know! Oh fuck, how the hell did I end up here!!

Believe it or not, this morning I was Justin, a 25-year-old guy who stupidly decided to hitchhike to the coast. Oscar, 36, picked me up and offered to drive me a couple of hundred miles. He was a bit intense but seemed harmless enough and we got on well. When he gave me a bottle of coke I didn’t hesitate. Pretty soon I felt sleepy. As I lost consciousness I knew I was in trouble. I never expected what followed though. When I woke up I wasn’t me anymore, I was a girl. I’d have screamed but the spell doesn’t allow that. Yeah, magic. Turns out Oscar’s a warlock, kinda, he only knows one trick but it’s a doozy. He can turn a guy into the woman they might have been, the spell even changes your clothes and reveals what your parents would have called you if you’d been a girl. That’s how come I’m now Abigail. Oscar explained he gets lonely on the road, so picks up young guys he thinks will make pretty girls. He drove to a motel and said we’d be staying the night. I can tell he was well practiced at this. He introduced me to the clerk as his wife, said we’d been wed three years and we’re still deliriously happy. I’d have cried for help but the spell makes me utterly submissive to Oscar’s will, so all I could do was blush, giggle like a schoolgirl and hug my ‘hubby’ tight. I asked Oscar why the spell doesn’t make me believe I really am a girl who’s in love with him?

He says this way is a lot more fun, for him at least! He’s told me not to expect a lot of sleep tonight! Oh god, I can’t believe this is about to happen! He says he’ll probably turn me back tomorrow unless he has so much fun tonight that he decides to keep me around for a few days, or unless I beg him not to turn me back into a man, he says a surprising number of guys do that. Why the hell would I want to stay like this? It’s not like I’m going to remotely enjoy sex with him, or am l? Why am I trembling? Is it fear, or anticipation? Oscar’s coming now. Guess I’m about to find out!

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