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Her First

Somehow he had escaped the magic, somehow it had passed over him. Every full moon his father and two brothers, one older and one younger, turned to women, and not just women, sluts. His family was stumped, it happened to all of the males but somehow Jon had been spared. Now in his early 20’s he had moved to a larger town and had gotten a good job in an office.

This morning had started out like any other day, by Jon going to the gym, it was slow as usual this early, but as he worked out a few more guys started to filter in and Jon couldn’t help but notice one guy in particular This guy had taken off his t-shirt and Jon just couldn’t get over how built the guy was. Great pecs, a solid six-pack, and a pretty fair-sized bulge. Jon felt himself grow hard, which made him stop and get off of the elliptical machine he was on. Jon quickly made his way to the changing room, he couldn’t be changing now? He had been skipped right? He started to change, trying to hide his erection, when the guy came in and walked past. Jon looked over his shoulder at the guy and his tight ass. “Shit!” He whispered to himself and quickly headed home. He knew the signs, the wereslut had caught up to him.

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He called off work as he knew today was going to be hell if he was out. He then sent a text to his younger brother about his predicament, only to have his brother text back congratulations and that he probably should stay in as he would be very horny today. Jon tried to ignore the still growing arousal but by 10 am he was sitting in front of his computer jerking off to porn, only he wasn’t imagining doing the fucking he was imagining he was the one being fucked.

It was about 3 pm when there was a knock on Jon’s door. Cursing to himself he quickly cleaned up and got dressed and walked to the door: Opening the door he saw his best friend standing there with a half frown half smile “Jake told me, are you sure?” He asked. Jon nodded and pulled him into the apartment. “I’m glad you came… I didn’t think we’d have to do this but…” Jon paused as his friend nodded. Sean knew all about Jon’s family, even being there for Jake more than a few times. “You always said I could be your first. ” Sean responded and Jon gave him a hug. They ordered a pizza in, knowing that the change would take a lot out of Jon. Eventually, the sun sat in the West as the moon rose in the East Jon became Johnnie in front of Sean’s eyes and Sean did become Jon’s first, as she moaned out at the first cumshot her boyfriend unloaded into her. Her eyes almost rolled back into her head as the Johnnie wereslut was truly born, needing cum monthly. She developed a kink for bodybuilders, but always had a soft spot for Sean, her first.

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