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Helping Hand

Nikki watched her date Anthony coming into the building and lost a little of the nervousness she’d been feeling about tonight. He looked handsome in his suit and tie. She’d never seen him dressed up like this and for a moment was reminded that Nicholas would never have looked that good no matter how expensive the suit or how well it fits. Her sister Amber had been telling her as she helped her to get ready that it was about time she went out on a date and had some fun. She had been thinking about calling it off and sought Amber’s reassurance that going out with a guy was 0K. Even though she’s been living as Nikki for almost two years now there are times that she still thinks that doing some things that girls do is wrong. Amber has always told her to go with how she feels and don’t overthink things.

She knows that Amber is right but it still doesn’t stop her head from going off on a tangent sometimes. She wouldn’t have even worn this dress tonight if not for Amber’s insistence. Now seeing the way that Anthony’s looking at her she’s glad she listened. She’s not sure what she would have done if she hadn’t been able to come live with Amber. Their dad had put Nicholas out after catching him in some of Amber’s old things. Since coming here she’s started hormones and lived as Nikki and for the first time in her life felt right. Now she’s starting a new chapter as she begins college and starts to actually date. As scary as it is, it’s very exciting to find Anthony so attractive.

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